You want to know why do men pull away?了解男人的能力,why he disappeared and what you can do in this Q&A post.

Why Do Men Pull AwayWhy Men Pull Away After Getting Close


A man whom I've known for 25 years helped me with a work project and I fell for him.We went to lunch and had coffee many times over the past few months (he always paid).去看电影,也吃过几次饭。

他说他喜欢我,我也说了同样的话。我看到他对我的渴望。He even told me I have this sexiness about me!But now he says he's been alone for too long to get involved again.Then in the next breath he asks me out to see a movie.

Right now he seems to be a ghost in terms of spending time together.怎么来的,如果他看到我,他总是停下来聊天?What the heck is going on?

我们有很多共同点,他也同意。当我们见面时,我们会有这种化学反应,但也许这还不够。I'm so attracted to him and when we see each other it's not like we stand 10 feet apart.

我想对他来说时机不对,但我一直在想他。What can I do?

Hi Casandra,

我感觉到你的痛苦,我知道这对你来说有多困难。很多女人问我,"Why do men pull away?" When a man sends mixed signals like this it's terribly tormenting.但我会直截了当的告诉你真相。

Why Do Men Pull Away?原因很多!

  • He may have been hurt in the past and never recovered
  • 除了约会和爱情,他可能还有别的优先事项。
  • 他可能不想承担一段关系的责任
  • 由于童年问题,他可能无法在情感上获得帮助。
  • 他可能意识到他不能给你想要的

Why men pull away when things get serious causes emotional distress for women all over the world.他失踪或和你保持距离的原因不计其数。这是一个巨大的红旗,因为它指出了他的内心冲突,使他保持单身。And he is the only one who can resolve them.




当一个男人告诉你他不想通过这样的话来建立关系,“太久了,”你完全无能为力。Any time a man says something to push you away,believe him.当他说:

  • “他不是在找关系”
  • "He doesn't want to get serious"
  • “他不想谈恋爱,但很高兴看到他认识你之后发生了什么。”

所有这些线条的共同点是男人不想要的——这是一种严肃的关系。即使他愿意认识你,看看事情的发展方向,that's just a DISTRACTION from the first part of the sentence which was HE DOESN'T WANT A RELATIONSHIP.

看,a man has to want the same thing you want for things to work out.In other words,你们两个都需要有相同的议程。或者至少他不能排除关系议程。

THIS IS A MAJOR PIECE OF COMPATIBILITY that most WOMEN IGNORE.我们这么做是因为我们认为他明显的兴趣足够了。不幸的是…

吸引力,attention and chemistry are NOT ENOUGH to build a lasting relationship.

一个男人必须要有一段关系,否则就不必为了长远的目标而认真地参与其中。If his desire is not present,然后所有的调情,蝴蝶,and interest will not shift into the romance you want or lasting love.


If you decide to hold out hope for this guy,接下来会发生什么。First you won't notice other men who are interested because you'll be wrapped up with this guy.你的心不会对那些想要一段感情的男人敞开。So you'll miss out on other prospects.最终,和这个男人保持联系会让你一直对他抱有渴望,也会让你单身。

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do is steer clear of him for long enough so you can detach.让你的感情消退。离开你的视线真的可以帮助你让他离开你的头脑和心脏。你最不想做的就是认为你是自己感情的牺牲品,而你却无能为力。这是一种无力的姿态,当然,100%不正确。

这可能不容易,但你可以放手走。Especially if you want to find real,lasting love.Hankering after Mr.ItsBeenTooLong will make you miserable and keep you single.不要这样做。以下是一些授权建议,帮助您放手:

  • Go on vacation
  • Visit a friend for a long weekend
  • 学习积极的自言自语,"You deserve a relationship ready man"
  • 开始和其他男人交往和调情
  • Start a new project or take a new class
  • Volunteer and do charity work
  • 在网上发布个人资料,认识新男人

一旦你成功分离,渴望就消退了,如果你愿意的话,你可以成为朋友。I don't recommend this but with enough time it can be possible.

So Cassandra,这就总结了我对为什么男人会离开的答案,Most importantly,they are not relationship ready and the minute you figure this out about any man,the very best thing you can do is move on.There are plenty more fish in the sea and men who would be more compatible partners.

Wishing you love,




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    Hi J,我不知道他妻子走了多久,但任何人都要花时间来克服这种损失。But,当有人说他不想认真的时候,相信他。Clearly he is NOT over his wife and is still attached.And he might have pulled away because he didn't want to hut you or thought you were getting too serious.他很高兴和你在一起,但他对爱情和承诺不感兴趣。你一定是个很好的伙伴,他很喜欢。如果这对你有用的话,you can continue.为什么你不告诉他你爱他,我不确定我能理解。Perhaps you felt like it when you said it but reconsidered?You are wise not to say it again given everything you mentioned – him not wanting to get serious.就是这样——如果你愿意成为一个因果关系的人,那就去做吧。但是如果你想要爱,he's not the man and might not ever come around no matter how much time you give him.

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